Congratulations to the seniors of South Side High School who have just completed their public school education.  This year’s class has shown excellence in academics, the arts and athletics.  We certainly applaud their many accomplishments while in the Rockville Centre School district.  In addition, our South Side Middle School students have excelled as well; and we can’t forget our elementary school students who are embarking on the road to their many future successes.

This summer we have many projects that will help improve our schools’ infrastructure for September.  Some of them are:

  • Covert – masonry, classroom bathrooms, auditorium doors
  • Hewitt – classroom floors, auditorium stage/window curtains
  • Riverside – carpeting in basement
  • Watson – PA system
  • Wilson– classroom bathrooms, carpeting in portables
  • SSMS – masonry, door replacements, carpeting in library
  • SSHS – bell system, carpeting in Nurse area, classroom ceiling and lights
  • District – telephone system, painting

At this time we would also like to show our appreciation for those members of our staff who have retired and have moved onto to another phase in their lives. These members, many who have been with us for over 25 years, have laid the foundation for our children’s achievements.  We wish them well in all of their endeavors.

There are a number of new educational initiatives that are being planned during this summer. Many of you have heard of APPR (Annual Professional Performance Review) which has brought great focus to teacher evaluation.  Our district will be working hard in this area as well and we will keep our community informed as it develops further.

There are also some curriculum modifications which will take place during this summer and those include:

  •  Transitioning to common core learning standards for ELA and Math
  • Rewriting Spanish 6 curriculum
  • Writing the pilot curriculum for 8th grade studio music

Even though school is not in session, as a district we are busy preparing for the opening of school.  The Board of Education wishes all to have a good, safe and enjoyable summer and look forward to seeing you again in September.

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