School Improvement Bond – South Side High School

Thank you to all community members, parents and students who joined us along with our school administrators and architects on January 8 as we discussed plans for renovations to South Side High School. We’re working to finalize the list of projects throughout the District to be funded by the School Improvement Bond.

We made good progress last Tuesday night but we have more to do. Please attend the January 15th meeting where we’ll decide which Middle School, Elementary and District-wide projects will be included in the bond. If you can’t come next Tuesday, we’ll be meeting again on January 22nd to finalize the list and set the amount of the bond — just in time for the March 19th vote. We want to hear from you. These are your schools and they need your support.

At South Side High School, the main focus is to bring the 12 classrooms currently housed outside in three portable trailers and two converted garages into the building. The portables, originally intended to be temporary solutions, have been in service for more than 30 years. They’ve outlived their usefulness and have assuredly seen better days. Because students and teachers must travel to and from these trailers, doors in the main building remain unlocked. By bringing the classroom space inside, we are able to lock the building, dramatically tightening security.

The two-story additions in the plans, one to the north and one to the south side of the building will provide our students with modern and appropriate-sized instructional and science lab space. The cafeteria will be doubled in size so our kids won’t have to eat lunch in the halls or classrooms.  Congestion and safety issues are solved by the redistribution of classroom space within the building.

As it stands now, the High School portion of the bond will include the replacement of existing grass fields with synthetic turf inside the running track, on the softball field and on the practice field in back of the building. Turf fields will be able to withstand greater usage in all weather conditions, allowing more of our teams to practice and host games on their home fields. The bond will also fund new bleacher seating on the main field and lighting for the practice field, allowing more practices to take place at the high school saving on transportation costs and freeing up fields around Rockville Centre for use by village athletic groups.  Strict guidelines for use of lights on evenings and weekends, already adopted by the school board, will be in force when the lights are installed.

The arts are not neglected in the plans. Envisioned auditorium upgrades include new lighting, sound and stage systems as well as safe access to the lighting and sound booths at the rear of the theater.

Video of past meetings can be found by visiting or on the School Channel, Cablevision channel 19 within the Village of Rockville Centre, and on Verizon channel 36. And as we mentioned earlier, our discussion continues at two more meetings in January — on the 15th and the 22nd.   Please let your views be known: you can post to this blog, email us at or come to our meetings.  All meetings are held at the South Side High School at 7:30pm.

These are your schools and they need your support.

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6 thoughts on “School Improvement Bond – South Side High School

  1. The costs for construction of a new building or building extension may be amortized over 30 years. Reconstruction and renovation costs will be amortized over either a 15 or 20 year period depending on the project.

  2. Vote No! – raising more taxes is a non starter. By including the SSHS turf field and lights that the BOE said five years ago would not cost them anything just ads to the lies. Stand up and be counted – tell the BOE and the administrators that an additional $50 million in taxes is going to fail!

    • We need to be careful about what we ask citizens to spend money on. But – RVC’s schools are a selling point and, as such, support home values. If our capabilities are sub-par because they are broken, out-of-date, etc, they should be invested in.

      As for turf – we spend substantial amounts bus-ing kids to other fields, renting those fields, bus-ing them back. Because our existing natural field can’t keep up with the wear and tear and there isn’t sufficient space. Turf will be cheaper on upkeep and reduce our operating costs.

      Please check the facts before accusing people of ‘lies’. Feel free to debate line items, but let’s have a reasoned, informed dialogue please.

  3. the direct question is how much will the bond cost per home and for how many years? Please give the yearly and total cost per home for homes assessed at 400k, 600k and 800k so we can understand the financial request you are asking of the residents.

  4. The Bond was set at $45.9 Million on Tuesday, January 22, 2013. We are currently working to calculate how much it will cost homeowners each year and will get these figures out as soon as possible.

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